What Signals Are Sent By Your Body During Early Pregnancy Symptom

Published: 01st February 2007
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During early pregnancy symptom, many signs are sent by your body as its reactions to the dramatic hormonal changes. Level of fertility hormone get increased radically and leads to several symptoms to be noticeable. Usually, these signs typically do not appear until and unless you miss your period. After one or a couple of weeks, these symptoms begin to signal that you are getting pregnant. However, a fetal movement cannot be detectable before 16 weeks after conceiving.

Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Some common symptoms that are noted within the duration of 3 to 10 weeks of after conception are cramps in lower abdomen, cravings for typical foods, nausea or a feeling of vomiting, morning sickness, fatigue and tiredness, heartburn and constipation, breasts getting tender, swollen and sore. Many may notice their areas around nipples to turn darker and larger. Specialists suggest to keep track of the menstrual cycle to identify a missed period. But, during early pregnancy symptom, if you start experiencing other changes like the following, you should consider a pregnancy test to confirm it -

  • A small amount of vaginal bleeding can be possible about 11 or 12 days after implantation of eggs, and this is why, this symptom is known as implantation bleeding. This bleeding usually result from fertilization of eggs into lining of the Uterus. During implantation, embryo adheres to the lining of uterine wall, due to which some vaginal spotting is quite normal. Spotting usually appears lighter in color than regular menstrual bleeding.

  • A bit elevated basal body temperature or flu can be expected when you have missed your period during early pregnancy symptom.

  • Presence of some hormones in your body during pregnancy can relax the intestines; as a result, your digestion process reduces its speed. For this reason, you may experience constipation as a sign of pregnancy.

  • As the uterus develops, it starts compressing arteries in your legs and causes your blood pressure to drop and makes you feel dizzy. In the early stage of pregnancy, you may feel fainting after going a while without eating. Fainting at the early stage of pregnancy is caused by low blood sugar that is the source of embryo's source of food. Keep consuming healthy snacks to keep up level of your blood sugar.

  • Heightened sensitivity to aroma is another strong sign of pregnancy. Even the most favorite aroma of your perfume may choke you. Smells of gas, mowed grass, different types of foods, cigarette smokes etc., may arouse a sensation of nausea as side effect of estrogen hormones flow in your body.

Make a checklist of signs and signals indicated by your body during early pregnancy symptom and take a test to determine your pregnancy.

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