Very Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Published: 09th February 2007
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You think you are pregnant and feel both lightheaded and emotionally high. While not confirming for certain, but these could be very early symptoms of pregnancy.

As soon as the first pregnancy hormones are released into your bloodstream, your body is affected by this chemical change as are your mind and the moods you experience. This is a chemical change and is the earliest indication to you that you may be pregnant.

A very early symptom is the sudden rise in your fatigue levels when all you want to do is put your feet up and lie down, doing nothing. There is the hormone progesterone, which reaches high blood levels during early pregnancy, a natural sedative. And which lulls pregnant women into wanting to fall asleep whenever they can. Sometimes increased vaginal secretions(discharge, leukorrhea) either clear, white, yellow, foamy or itchy, can cause a panic in you if didn't suspect yourself of pregnancy. The chemical makeup as also the amount of your vaginal fluids is changing. This is your body's means to build up extra mucus to block the opening of the cervix and protect your baby from infections and foreign bodies. While otherwise normal, you have to consult a health practitioner if this condition becomes significantly worse, begins to itch, smells bad or burns as these symptoms may indicate an infection. That way your early pregnancy status could confirm itself too.

Do you know the other signs are sometimes no different from when you are feeling ill - a missed or very light period, swelling or tenderness of the breasts, frequent urination, nausea or vomiting (morning sickness), increased or decreased appetite, food cravings and mood swings.

Deceptive Indicators Of Early Pregnancy

But are you willing to accept these early symptoms of pregnancy as the definitive guide to informing you are pregnant? We are not. These early indicators can be both elusive and deceptive, with even the most commonly accepted sign, the missed or very light period, is not an infallible indication. It's possible to have all the above symptoms and not be pregnant. Or reveal none of these symptoms and find out you are pregnant.

A foolproof way of determining pregnancy early on is your baby's heartbeat. The baby's heartbeat can be heard at 10 to 12 weeks with ultrasound or at 18 to 20 weeks with a stethoscope.

Once you have experienced the symptoms of pregnancy, you will want to confirm it with a visit to the healthcare provider or the general practitioner. These days, pregnancy tests are now an accurate way of confirming pregnancy; many tests are, in fact, almost entirely accurate, but you may need to wait a number of days after your period is due before it can detect pregnancy. There are early pregnancy tests available that can accurately determine your pregnant status for you. These tests work by determining the amount of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) present in your urine. Early morning urine, which contains the most concentrated amount of hcg, will help you to detect the small concentrations of hCG that are present in the early days of pregnancy.

If the GP has confirmed that your early symptoms of pregnancy actually spell pregnancy, it is time to start your pre-natal care.

Information about very early symptoms of pregnancy is important because of the fact that these symptoms comes with many

uncomfortable situations like pregnancy symptom dischage, morning sickness and many more. An early information can enable you to be prepared with these situations and take steps for morning sickness prevention.

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